What would you like your life story to become?

Your soul already knows the answer. 


  • Fear of loneliness, into the feeling of connection with the world around you.                                                                                 
  • Shame and guilt, into pride in yourself.                                          
  • Pretending to be someone else, into fully stepping into your true, unapologetic self.                                                                
  • From building your life based on imposed values, to knowing exactly what you want.

See the magic within yourself!

Let me teach you how to effectively do your shadow work in order to see and feel an immediate shift, to start making decisions and creating options, to become a true  master of your own life!

How it works.

Neuro Shamanic Blueprint is a unique combination of shamanism and integral neuroprogramming® techniques. It is that ability to connect and to speak to our subconscious that was  developed by medicine men worldwide and is now being supported by neuroscientists and psychologists.
It is fun, creative and at the same time profound inner work that will require you to show up 100% ( No Spiritual Bypassing here!). But if you are ready to go there, it can open limitless opportunities for learning and growth.

  • Live Zoom Session

    You will be able to watch Live Zoom presentation and ask me questions in chat. Follow the workflow at the time of the live class or have an access to recorded session afterwards to do the activity at your own pace.

  • Facebook Community

    You will have an access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions, see my answers to others' questions and where I also will be sharing additional resources

  • A Place to start your Journey
    Get to know me and Neuro Shamanic Blueprint modality and experience the effective way to do your inner work.

Holographic Rewrite

The Future is Yours! 
Learn how to rewrite your past so it no longer controls your future.

This 2 hr class will be dedicated to working through a persistent issue or a state ( sadness, anxiety, people pleasing, imposter syndrome, feeling of unworthiness).

You will be examining the unconscious scripts that were created far in the past (sometimes even before your birth) and replacing them with core new beliefs.


We will go back to the past, re-align the energy and re-live your life again with new understanding behind each life situation, making new choices and seeing all the karmic lessons that needed to be learned in order to help you become a true master of your life, to see your past as a resource of strength and wisdom and to start claiming your space, your worth and your authenticity.


The uniqueness of this work is that it will go beyond intellectual understanding and will work on a deep subconscious level using the language of symbols, projections, meanings and emotions. So that the change happens on a neurological level and becomes part of your psyche.


Next date: December 13th;
@2pm EST


Meta View

In this class you will learn how to solve any conflict or a challenging relationship with another person, group of people or even a category of objects ( money, food, "others").


​Mini Class!
New Vector Flow

Stop solving problems and start reaching your goals!

When you feel overwhelmed and stuck in negative mind frame, use this flow to point you in  a new direction and to help you chart new vector to your wellbeing goals. 

This progression is built upon neurological levels, triggering your brain to start rewiring itself to allow you to find a new perspective on your current situation.

Included: Video presentation, downloadable presentation and printable worksheet.

And, as a bonus, get 10% off any online class when you buy the mini course!


  • Toronto, Canada

  • contact@mariyagarnet.com

  • www.mariyagarnet.com

About Me

I have been walking the Healer's Path since 2008, exploring different tools from psychedelic medicines, to teacher plants, to traditional Siberian and Amazonian shamanism, to sound healing. 

Since the dawn of ages the shamans found ways to speak to our Subconscious, our Higher Self, through its language of symbols, projections, metaphors and rituals.


I have always been fascinated by these ancient psychotechnologies that only now are being understood by neuroscientists - how sound affects our wellbeing, how psychedelic and trance states facilitate access to our subconscious, how we can continuously grow by developing new connections in our brain. 

I combine all of my shamanic training and experience with recent developments in integral neuroprogramming to help people to start living life on their own terms using my method Neuro Shamanic Blueprint

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